Gymnastics Olympica USA was founded in 1974 by Fritz Reiter (Athletic Director) and Gordon Maddox (Sportscaster). 

Fritz was born in Austria where he was a member of their national gymnastics team.  Besides gymnastics he enjoyed climbing the Austrian Alps and, of course, skiing, which he also instructed.  He studied architecture in Vienna and immigrated to the United States where he began coaching at the Mid-Valley YMCA.  He gained recognition as a pioneer in coaching women's uneven bars using advanced men's horizontal bar techniques, producing National Team members.  The United States Gymnastics Association, then the United Stated Gymnastics Federation, asked him to author the compulsory uneven bar routines.  Fritz has served his gymnasts,  the community and the sport of gymnastics for many years, winning him, his athletes and the organization he founded many awards, distincitions and honors.

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